Volunteering in South Africa

Volunteer ProjectsMany people may ask, why should I pay to do volunteer work? This may seem like a very strange concept. This is however a common misconception about volunteering. It is not the volunteer work you are paying for.

The projects presented on this site have very few resource and they are not able to cover the costs involved in hosting volunteer workers. Costs like meals, housing and transportation can quickly add up and these projects do not have the funds to accommodate the volunteer workers. If these kinds of funds were available to these volunteer projects, they would have been able to employ local workers who are more likely to with the volunteer projects in the long run.

Your money pays for many different things. First of all, it covers your accommodation, food, transport, preparation, training and supervision. Part of it also goes towards recruiting volunteer workers through sites like these, marketing material, promotion tours undertaken by volunteer project coordinators and general overhead costs.

The biggest investment you are making is for your peace of mind, which is having someone there in case of an emergency. Simple things can go wrong, you could fall where you are, but also other things like unrest in the community, riots and any other situation which would require you to ask for help. The volunteer project coordinators are behind you all the way and they will assist you with any emergency situation you may find yourself in.

Anyone is welcome to step off a plane, knock on some doors and ask if they can help by volunteering. It could take you a couple of weeks to find the right project, or you could get a professional organization to assist you.

With some of the projects, a portion of your money also goes toward the volunteer project itself.

Our volunteer project coordinators assist you all the way. They can help you in your decision on which volunteer project to choose and does all the planning for you, delivering peace of mind and giving you the freedom to pursue the volunteer project you have elected to help out on.


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