No Ebola in South Africa!

Africa Ebola mapSouth Africa is COMPLETELY FREE of Ebola at this point in time. SA is many thousands of miles from the affected West African countries, and has instituted restricted entry for all non-citizens travelling from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. South African airports also have rigorous and thorough health screening mechanisms in place to screen ALL air passengers coming into the country.

Unfortunately due to misinformation, many people have been skipping their travel plans to South Africa. The fact of the matter is, you stand a higher chance of contracting Ebola travelling to Europe or the USA than to many of the African countries on the African continent.

We have put together some resources for you to put your mind at ease. 

The map on the right is courtesy of BBC News ( Note how far away South Africa is, right at the bottom tip of Africa, to the affected countries. Read more at that link.


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