Compare Wildlife / Conservation Volunteer Projects

Compare the various animal and wildlife / conservation volunteer projects by ticking the boxes next to the projects you are interested in below.

There is an excellent currency converter available here: XE Currency Converter


  Big 5 Safari The Kingdom Wildlife Sanctuary Cheetah Rehabilitation Project Penguin and Marine Bird Rescue
Accommodation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Meals Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transport Yes Yes Yes Yes
Project Co-ordinator Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 Week 415 euro 1000 euro 490 euro NA
2 Weeks 810 euro 1435 euro 935 euro 615 euro
3 Weeks 1185 euro 1925 euro 1375 euro 880 euro
4 Weeks 1560 euro 2560 euro 1815 euro 1145 euro
8 Weeks NA NA NA NA
12 Weeks NA NA NA NA
Extra Weeks 385 euro NA 340 euro 240 euro
60 euro
(one way)
0 euro
165 euro
(both ways)


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